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NE Portland Modern ADU

NE Portland Modern ADU-

RightArm teamed with Portland firm InSitu Architecture on this modern

interpretation of a post-war Portland home. Located in the Concordia neighborhood of Northeast Portland, the ADU takes as inspiration the

main house on the site with its low profile and hipped roofline, but the similarities

end there. The ADU is clad with a painted wood, open joint rain screen.

Generous four-foot eaves provide protection at the NW and SE corners of the


The interior is simple but well executed. The floor is polished concrete.

Construction-grade fir plywood cabinets lend the space a rustic feel. The aluminum clad fir windows tie in with the cabinetry and the end-grain fir butcher-block counter. Floor to ceiling pocket doors separate the rooms. Colorful tile and

paint add subdued interest to the kitchen and bath spaces

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the ADU is that which isn’t seen. The ADU

is completely air sealed and extremely well insulated. An energy recovery

ventilator provides constant fresh air, while simultaneously removing the old air.

External insulation provides a continuous thermal break between the inside and

outside. The ADU is a beautiful building that is extremely energy

efficient and comfortable as well.